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20 Wooden Houses – Projects, Models, Photos

Wooden houses are a real success in some countries and are gradually gaining ground all over the world. With a wide variety of options and models, wooden houses are perfect for own housing, but also for a holiday home in the countryside.

With a wide variety of options and models, wooden houses can be the perfect solution for you.

Check out some wooden house ideas and inspirations here.

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Advantages of wooden houses

The advantages of wooden houses are many. The first is versatility of materials.

In addition, wood manages to keep the environment warmer in the cold and cooler in the heat. Wood manages to balance the temperature inside.

Depending on the style and model, wooden houses are good options because they allow for quick reconstruction and with less building materials.

And one of the preferred advantages is the value. If you opt for prefabricated wooden houses, you will find several options at more affordable prices.


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