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Awesome DIY Hula Hoop decor

The “hula hoop wreath” decoration is an original alternative to decorate your parties, the versatility is so great that you…

13 de April de 2021
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Diy garden with concrete block

Decorating a garden can be tricky. The truth is that you need to plan all the items very well to…

5 de April de 2021
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Decorative ideas with pebbles

Pebbles have become the main material for many decoration projects. Pebbles or river stones are rounded stones perfect for those…

17 de March de 2021
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Crochet Flower with Fork- How to Make and Ideas

Crochet is an art that is growing, it can be used to decorate your home or for fashion accessories. Crochet…

23 de February de 2021
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Lace Crafts- 20 Ideas to Get Inspired

The decoration of a house is what makes a house a home, it is the way to make the house…

9 de February de 2021
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How to make paper basket

The paper baskets were part of the crafts classes, almost all of us remember to make baskets at school. The…

6 de January de 2021
  • DIY & Crafts

Watches made with Recycled Materials

The clock is used to tell the time but can also be used to decorate spaces. Something useful and beautiful…

9 de September de 2020
  • DIY & Crafts

Creative Ideas To Reuse A Pringles Can

Crafts are fashionable and reusing objects is a way to pass the time, create original pieces and save the environment.…

30 de July de 2020
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Children’s games made with recycled material

Toys are part of growth, simpler or more elaborate the truth is that they contribute to the development of children.…

30 de July de 2020
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Creative Bathroom Crafts

The bathroom is one of the most overlooked spaces in the house in terms of decoration, but it has a…

25 de May de 2020