Tuesday , May 17 2022

DIY & Crafts

plastic bottle doll ideas

Creative plastic bottle doll ideas

For those who like crafts and reuse materials that we use daily, our suggestion today is perfect. Dolls made from plastic bottles. Dolls made from plastic bottles are perfect to use in your home decor, but can also be used for children to play with. Dolls made from plastic bottles …

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flower arrangements in cups

Flower Arrangements in Cups

A mixture of classic and modern, flower arrangements in cups are a different way to decorate your home. Instead of traditional vases, use cups to place flowers. The flower arrangements in cups are perfect for that touch of elegance, they can be used in the decoration of your home and …

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awesome diy hula hoop decor

Awesome DIY Hula Hoop decor

The “hula hoop wreath” decoration is an original alternative to decorate your parties, the versatility is so great that you can also use it to decorate your home. The hula hoop is easy to find and perfect for decorating creatively. They can be decorated in different ways, you can decorate …

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