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15+ How to add value to your patio with a pergola

Pergolas can be the perfect way to transform your patio decor. With several options of models and materials, there are options for all spaces and tastes.

In addition to decorating your patio, the pergola is ideal for creating a special corner to spend quality time relaxing or socializing with friends.

A pergola can transform your patio into a place to relax and entertain. Check out some ideas and inspiration for patio pergolas here.

Advantages of pergolas

A pergola is a wooden or metal structure.

Pergolas are placed outside houses, in gardens or patios.

They help to decorate and provide shade. To decorate your pergolas you can use various types of flowers, plants, vines, lamps.

Pergola patio ideas

Check out some ideas and models of pergolas to decorate your patio.

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