DIY Patchwork Quilt With Fabric Scraps

DIY Patchwork Quilt

The quilt patchwork is not difficult to do, if you're still learning, start with the simplest and least patchy patterns to be sewn. Take it easy and the quilt will naturally form. Then you move on to more advanced and complex models.

Many artisans have tissue flaps and are sometimes in doubt about what to do with them. Have you experienced this? Today we will help you use this material and make beautiful quilt to decorate your bed or sofa.

How To Make A Quilt From Scrap Fabric Blocks


Using the patchwork technique, you make wonderful models of bedspreads. With a variety of colors and patterns, the models are the most diverse and beautiful.

Patchwork Quilt

Patchwork Quilt 2

Patchwork Quilt 3

Patchwork Quilt 4

Patchwork Quilt 5

Patchwork Quilt 6

Patchwork Quilt 7

Patchwork Quilt 8

Patchwork Quilt 9

Patchwork Quilt 10

Patchwork Quilt 11

Patchwork Quilt 12

Patchwork Quilt 13

Patchwork Quilt 14

Patchwork Quilt 15

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